Puppy Class: A Review

So I just completed by fist puppy course! My puppy is named Beaufford. He is a Blue Tick Coonhound and I just love him. I call him Beau for short. Beau was your typical puppy, so as soon as all of his vaccines were completed, I got him straight into puppy class. I knew the bare basics of dog obedience, but my last dog was a Border Collie and she was super easy. Beau is a bit more challenging.

What was puppy class like?

I got the class through Petsmart. It was every Wednesday at six pm. I took Beau every week. There were six other dogs in our class. Beau was nearly the largest except for the Great Dane puppy. I felt sorry for that owner. That dog was going to be huge! The class was run by a very nice man who had been doing puppy classes for about twelve years. He had seen nearly everything. He would give us all a task and then walk around and help each of us if we needed help.

What did we learn?

Beau learned how to “sit” and “lay down” in his first class. The instructor advised us to be careful to not always say “sit” and “down” one right after the other. If we did that, the puppy would likely think the two commands were a series that were always connected. He said to break it up. We practiced during the week so by the next class, Beau had “sit” and “lay down” solidly under his collar. The next class we learned “stay” and “come.” By the end of the five week course Beau could also heel and shake hands! I am so pleased with my puppy class graduate. I think Beau would make a great tracking dog. I might have to look around to see if there are some more advanced training courses I can take him to.